At Elev8 Cannabis, we provide top quality flower with the best prices in town. With our premium shelf flower at only $14 a gram and our bottom shelf at $5 a gram, our out-the-door prices will leave your jars full and your pockets fuller. Our friendly staff is very knowledgable and will help you find the products you need at the prices you desire. Simply put, we want you to feel like gold when you walk out of our shop!


Blue Dream.jpg

Premium Shelf $16g

At $16 a gram, our premium flower is always going to make you second guess the price. We only place our best products on our premium shelf with a strong focus on a high THC value(always over 20%), beautiful bud and a strong Terpene profile. Most of our premium flower including Snow Leopard, Blue Dream, and Banana Kush come from Fire Flower out of Portland, Oregon.

Snow Leopard.jpg

Mid shelf $8G

6 words: Top quality at mid shelf prices. Our customers usually ask, "why are they priced so low?" Well, if you're looking for great bud to stock up on for your weekend getaway, buying in bulk is the way to go!

Sweet Kush.jpg

bottom shelf $6G

Our bottom shelf is anything but "bottom" quality by any means. We are known for having a great selection of mid-top shelf flower on our bottom shelf including Sour Diesel, Blueberry OG, and even LSD! The THC percentages range between 11%-15% THC but the terpene profiles make up for it!